Customised First Aid Courses to meet the needs of specific group

We specialise in:

  • Child and Baby First Aid Courses for parents and caregivers:
    • First Aid for Littlies (baby & toddler first aid)
    • First Aid for Bigger Littlies (older children)
    • First Aid in Schools 
  • Baby first aid courses for the public to join
  • Short General First Aid Courses, customised for specific groups and community organisations
  • First Aid Awareness courses:  short and sweet, key areas in first aid
  • First Aid Kits and Supplies for the home, for the workplace and for vehicles


First Aid First Ltd started off in 2008 as a small family-run business, initially providing specialist baby first aid courses to parents across Auckland.

It has expanded, through demand, to provide different courses to suit specific needs, from parents and families to schools, community organisations and workplaces wishing to upskill all their staff and volunteers without the huge time and cost commitments of longer first aid courses.


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