COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone's well, and making good use of the positive sides of this lockdown  -  such as the hours saved each day in not sitting in rush hour traffic!  And luckily the weather's playing ball at the moment so we can all get out in our gardens.  I recommend building obstacle courses with the kids in the back garden...

My wonderful Generation Tech teenagers have enabled me to run online courses via Zoom.  We ran a first course a couple of nights ago and feedback has been good.  

So we're going to continue running our baby / child - specific courses.  Obviously you won't be able to practise CPR on manikins.  But watching a demonstration, and being able to ask questions, is still going to be helpful.  And of course there are other aspects to first aid.  

We can certainly cover choking, which is probably the single most important part of the course, and you can practise at home on a baby-sized doll or teddy bear.  And much of the baby / child course focuses around general child illness / fevers / childhood accidents and we can run all of this type of discussion very effectively, remotely.

Please get in touch if you are interested in being part of a Zoom first aid course!

Customised First Aid Courses to suit the needs of specific groups

We provide:

• Child-specific First Aid Courses for parents and caregivers:

◦ First Aid for Littlies (babies and toddlers)
◦ First Aid for Bigger Littlies (older children)
◦ First Aid for Babysitters
◦ First Aid in Schools 

• Short General First Aid Courses, customised for specific groups

Team-building exercises

• First Aid Kits and Supplies for the home, for the workplace and for vehicles


First Aid First Ltd started off in 2008 as a small family-run business, providing concise First Aid courses to specific groups across Auckland.

It has expanded, through demand, to provide different courses to suit specific needs, and WorkSafe NZ-compliant first aid kits for businesses.


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