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First Aid for Littlies

Thank you for a super informative course. I really enjoyed it and it honestly has made me feel a lot calmer about starting solids. I loved that things were very evidence and fact based, as well as practical and easy to understand. I will definitely be recommending it to other new mums.   Janeen

Thank you for an outstanding first aid course via zoom on Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel more confident. I thought you were absolutely lovely too so thank you.   Georgina, 

Thanks so much for the course - so glad to find one that covers general sickness and what to look out for! Especially in the first few weeks I was so unsure what to worry about and what not to.   Philippa

Thank you for the excellent course you ran on Wednesday night. It was such a great atmosphere you created through your generous sharing and honesty along with such a human approach. Awesome.  Micha

We found the course very informative, particularly the discussion on car seats and choking, the thing that has stuck with me most is the diagram of the child’s head v adults head and why rear facing was so important.   Kirsty  

Thanks heaps for all of the great tips you gave us. It was definitely the best first aid course I've been too with lots of practical advice, so thank you! I was expecting to come and learn about CPR and choking, but the course was so much more comprehensive which was awesome; fingers and toes crossed we never need to use the majority of it! Melissa

Just a note to say thank you for an excellent first aid course last night. My Dad and I learned a lot. The booklet is great to refer to as well. I feel much more prepared! Victoria

Hi Sarah, A message I hoped and never thought I would have to send you but now I have a personal thank you to say for your first aid course!! We were out for a family dinner on Saturday night and our little girl (17mths) started to struggle with a piece of mandarin. I could tell she was trying to bring it back up but she just couldn't... in the end I decided that she'd tried for too long and just as she started pulling some concerning faces I whipped her out of the chair, put her face down over my knee and a few (gradually harder, just like you said it would be) back slaps and it was up. I'm very grateful for my place on your course and for every single 'non event' that your courses generate. Claire

Thank you again for the great course - everyone got a lot out of it and found it easy to understand and an easy atmosphere to ask questions.

'My husband & I recently attended one of Sarah's First Aid courses. We have a 8 month old daughter & felt a little uneasy about First Aid for her age. We both left the course full of knowledge & confidence. Sarah went through each topic in great detail explaining clearly what to do in many situations. She has extensive knowledge & I cannot recommend her class enough to any new or existing parent to give you that confidence & reassurance' Claire

We booked Sarah for a private First Aid for Littlies course at home so that all the caregivers (extended family) of our baby could be educated in first aid matters. Sarah's presentation was very informative and covered a range of topics, not just medical training on CPR and choking. We talked about sickness, common ailments, safety around the home and even discussed tips for building healthy eating practices. Sarah gave us full and detailed answers to all of our questions. I would recommend her courses to anyone with a small child; we now have the knowledge to respond to an emergency with our baby, which, should we ever need to use it, is priceless. Kim

My husband & I were able to attend the Pt Chev course that you ran on Monday evening. I just wanted to say a massive thank you, both my husband & I were so impressed with the course & feel we have taken a lot from it. Claire

Thanks again for the course, it was absolutely brilliant and I've told all my mama friends to do it pronto! Bonnie

Thank you again for taking the time to teach us baby first aid. You were fabulous and the info shared very useful; here's hoping we never actually have to use any of it. Jon

Loved the 1st aid course - soooo helpful. Sophie

An excellent course, I feel very well equipped to give the right care to my little boy should I ever need to. It's so great to have that peace of mind. Andrea

Thanks so much for the first aid course, mum and I learnt a huge amount. Kate

I found the course really helpful and have recommended it to a lot of other new mums so thank you again. Laura

Just a quick note to say thank you to Plunket for arranging this course. The instructor Sarah was excellent and the course was really informative. Thanks again. Claire

Your talk was wonderful and so informative. I took my son's carseat to get refitted - turns out that it was not safe as it was loose! Joanne

Just to say thanks for a great course. We've already used the little booklet this week when our son's cold lead to an ear infection. Was great to have the booklet to double check the symptoms, given its our first time with something like this, and helped us get him to the doctors quickly. Louise

Thanks for such a great course last Thursday. You presented it in a way that was informative but not daunting! I feel far more confident if something did happen that I would be able to deal with it. Amy

I have had lots of positive feedback, especially from the dads! We all appreciated your wealth of knowledge and your honesty, straightforward approach. I would highly recommend you to others. Lisa

I attended the course on the Monday, and on the Friday my baby was sent home from daycare early with a fever, then the following week has had another ailment. I felt so much more confident to care for our baby and to make decisive choices thanks to the advice you gave us on the course. It was really practical and useful for our family. I am so happy that plunket organised this and I was able to attend.   Having the booklet is great too as I could show my husband what I had learnt and he learned too! I'm sure we'll wear it out.  Gemma

Mum and I thought your course was absolutely brilliant - incredibly educational and packed with wonderful advice and insights. It's so reassuring to know what to do in a crisis but also how to best avoid them. I'm feeling much better being prepared with new knowledge, first aid kit and cold packs, thanks! Tania

Thank you so much for the first aid course you held at Plunket recently, we both really enjoyed it. I have already referred to your booklet many times. Trish

Thanks so much for such a well delivered, practical and comprehensive course. We came away with a lot more confidence in our ability to help our little girl if and when she gets into difficulty. I really appreciated your common sense approach! Emma

Please keep doing what you do - you do it so well! The course was fabulous - so informative and well presented. Jane

Thank you for teaching us in the Plunket First Aid training. It was very helpful & I appreciated that you helped to make the afternoon training relaxed & light-hearted for us mums - it made it fun for us :) Grace

Really helpful and confidence boosting. Marcia

Thank you for giving us such an informative & dynamic first Aid Course for Littlies last Saturday. Jane

The course was really outstanding and very worthwhile - I will definitely be recommending you to our ante natal group. Gillian

And thanks so much for a great course. The information was incredibly valuable and I really got a lot out of it. Tania

Thanks again for a brilliant and informative session. Hopefully we will never have to use any of the things you taught us!! Andrew

Thanks for a great course. You are fantastic with how you present the topic and we feel so much more comfortable for attending. Shelley

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Would have been lost and scared without this information. Emma

Just wanted to thank you again for presenting such a great course last night. It was so useful and presented in a really engaging way. Everyone was very impressed and very grateful to share your knowledge. Jane

I got so much out of your session - and your super handy booklet is stuck on our fridge. We both feel more confident with whatever may happen! Julie, March 2013

I found this really practical and informative, thanks. And the booklet really super helpful. Shontelle

I'm totally going to recommend you to others, the course was great and I feel so reassured. Sara

Thank you very much for running such a great course. I found it very informative and fun. Catherine

I thought your course was so fantastic, and so did all the attendees. You are brilliant at explaining everything, empathetic and fun. Thank you so much! Rachel

I am totally stoked with the first aid kit, thank you! I kept meaning to get one but didn't know what to get. Emily

My partner I attended your 1st Aid Course last night and we just want to thank you for a wonderful course! We both learnt so much in the 2 hours and it was the most valuable course we have ever taken! It should be compulsory for every parent! Jacqui

Thanks so much for the First Aid 4 Littlies course you did last night - I found it really good and I came away feeling more reassured & confident that I could do something if I was in an emergency situation with my kids. Sarah

Thanks so much for last night. It was fantastic! We have had amazing feedback today, everyone really loved the course and found the length, the areas covered and the detail perfect. They also commented that they really enjoyed you as a speaker. Nicola

Thank you so much for the course, everyone thought it was great and really gave us the confidence to deal with mini emergencies at home.. Very very highly recommended, and I will be spreading the word to every mum I meet. We thought the course was just the right length, not too long but long enough to give us a detailed rundown of different scenarios, and we all loved the hands-on experience of practicing with the dolls. Adrianna

Excellent - very informative. Thank you so much! Fantastic speaker - made me feel a lot more confident about first aid and looking after my children.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise in yesterday's First Aid course. I have been to a few First Aid courses over my working/parenting career and I can honestly say that your course was by far the best I have ever been to. You were so down to earth, listened to our past experiences, answered all of our questions and the best thing for me was that you spoke in plain language that we could all understand rather than using medical jargon that can be confusing. Chantelle

Definitely covered more than expected in the course, and the booklet is a god send.

The course was really helpful! I had to use the choking technique that week so was very grateful I knew what to do. Jo

Interactive style and all content relevant - great content and excellent presentation - thank you!

Thank you so much for an enjoyable, informative class. We came out of it feeling alot more positive about how to deal with and care for our 1 and 3 year old. And, thank you for the great first aid kit. Bob

Thank you for the class you took on Thursday. You did a great job, it was very informative and made me aware of things I would have never thought of. I really appreciate your time and I really enjoyed myself. Briar

Found the course very very helpful and you were a wonderful teacher, hopefully I don't need to use most of what I've learnt but so good to know. Morag

I cannot recommend highly enough the First Aid for Littlies Course that my Husband and I organised with Sarah. Everything from Common Colds, Fevers, Seizures, CPR, Choking, Baby Proofing your house etc was covered in a simple, easy to understand session. Sarah has a way to explain everything to make parenting a lot less stressful and helped us to feel so much more comfortable. I would highly recommend every parents/caregiver to do this course. Thanks Sarah! Kerryn

We wanted to say thanks again for such a great session yesterday. Your experiences as a medic / mother really put things into perspective and was so much more practical than a general First Aid course. Sonia

Thanks SO much for tonight. I found it amazing, informative and invaluable. I shall be recommending you to everyone I know! Louise

Thanks again for a fabulous course yesterday. Having done a few First Aid courses I've never enjoyed one quite so much! You are a great Instructor, obviously passionate and knowledgeable about what you do and an inspiration to all of us new Mums! Anne-Marie

I would just like to thank you again for your time, energy, advice and enthusiasm on Saturday. We all took a lot away from our First Aid course. It is such a brilliant service that you offer and your commitment to it is astounding! We now have much more of an understanding of basic safety precautions to undertake in our home. I HIGHLY recommend this course to ALL Mums-to-be. They may think they have got all the advice they need from family and friends, but unless those family and friends are as well-informed as we now are, their advice is not necessarily "good" advice. Sheryl

Thanks for the First Aid Course on Friday, I received really good feedback from everyone about how useful it was. Judy

I attended your course this week and it was brilliant! Thank you so much - you made me think of a few extra safety things and I am so much more confident knowing CPR now. Tracey

I found your delivery of information very good; down to earth, realistic & honest and held definitely more weight given your qualifications & experience as a paramedic and mother. Kimberly

Essential First Aid

I have done many first aid courses, but the one I took last year with Sarah was the absolute best, most practical and enjoyable one I’ve ever attended.

We all agreed that the First Aid training was excellent.  Practical, and we loved the way you made it personalised and conversational which will make the important things easy to remember.  Also making people feel confident and in control when faced with these kind of situations.  Very many thanks Sarah.  We will definitely be calling on you again in the future.   

The boys were very engaged and great to see the info was taken on board.   

Many thanks for the first aid training session today.  It was the best one I’ve ever been to; your straightforward advice has given me more confidence that I could do something to help in an emergency.   

Talking in the car on the way home, we agreed it was so much better than previous training we’d had.  We particularly liked the addition of First Aid focus on older people and seniors. Please thank Sarah for her wonderful training and her professionalism.    (Elderly-specific course)  

That was a great Course today. Please pass on to Sarah how much I appreciated the huge wealth of information she passed on to us - she’ll be exhausted I should think. So many topics covered and I know I am better equipped to meet road bumps met in everyday life now.

 Thanks so much for providing such useful and helpful First Aid training today.  We really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. 

Reports (from staff) were that they loved the training – thought it was amazing! All of them saying they’d learnt so much, how easy you make it to understand, your style of teaching is unreal, please don’t send us to any other trainer – she’s the best I’ve ever experienced…. & there’s plenty more.  

Thanks, Sarah,  You were great at making things straightforward to grasp,  and keeping our focus on the main thing for each topic.  

It was a pleasure having you come to the factory to show everyone what to do.  A very big compliment to you on how you run the course making everyone feel safe and secure.  I believe what you have set up is so needed and you are helping so many more people in explaining how we can all be aware of other folk and their possible needs and to try and not panic in a situation.   

Thank you so much for your work, it was a highly informative course and I feel much more confident now, as do our providers, with dealing with first aid issues that may arise in our classes/ at work. 

Thanks Sarah, We all enjoyed the course yesterday and I personally loved how you made it seem so simple and NOT as scary as I thought it was going to be. 

Thanks again so much for today's excellent course. It was very informative and you covered a great deal.  (Neighbourhood Watch Group)

 Thank you so much for today! I only received positive feedbacks!  

 Our group have provided fabulous feedback on your session today.

 It was an absolute pleasure having you! the team’s feedback was positive and they enjoyed it and didn’t find it long and boring as per other first aid training.  

Thank you, I have heard incredible feedback from participants of each course, which is more of a compliment than you know when it comes to some of our Operators.     

I have had really good feedback from today's first aid course . It was so simple yet full of content . Everyone has said this is the best first aid course we have been into ! =)   

Once again your course was very well received we have had overwhelming positive feedback from our volunteers who really appreciated it and the older people focus you put on it they find extremely worthwhile.  (Elderly-specific course)  

 There was a lot of positive feedback and everyone got a lot out of the course. 

The course was brilliant thanks, and we learnt lots.  

I fully appreciated your course!  Genuine, fun and informative!  

 My husband Richard got Sarah to run a first aid course at his work (to about 10 of them) and they were all super impressed with how practical and helpful her course was!    Sarah-Jane

The boys thought the course was great – well worth doing.    

I personally just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday with the First Aid Training.  I have always found it quite daunting (in fact, I am amazed my daughter has made it to her 28 years and still in one piece) yet you made it sound so logical and less stressful.   

Your way of teaching is fabulous and it was easy to understand.

First Aid in Schools

Thanks for two outstanding sessions - our teachers spoke very highly of you and your delivery and the relevance to our context.    Practical, sensible, easy to follow.

Short, sharp and succinct.  Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and a good presenter, gave us some great real world, real life advice and help. 

THANK YOU.  I’ve had such amazing feedback from the staff saying it was such a great course, you have an great conversational way of explaining the content in a way that it sticks!   I know we all learnt a lot and were reminded of a lot of things too.

Your session was again, excellent. Answered the pertinent questions and refreshed us on the rest. We enjoy coming to you due to the customisation.

Thank you so much for running two extremely practical and worthwhile workshops for our staff. I had lots of feedback that this was the best First Aid course they have ever done.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the way you were able to tailor the course to our needs.

Everybody loved how informative it was and that it was so tailored to specifically what we deal with on a day to day basis at school. 

 I found your course brilliant, including many insights beyond the standard training, for which I am very grateful.  

Thanks so much for coming to us - my staff have all commented on your session as being the most useful they have ever had - so thanks so much for making it easy and understandable for us.

 Thought I should take the time to thank Sarah for what I would consider one of the best first aid courses I have been on.  

Thanks for the session on Friday. Always good and always such good feedback from the Staff.  

Our staff spoke very highly of their workshop with you - practical, sensible, easy to follow...were some of the comments.  We will look forward to having you back in 2021. 

I just wanted to thank you for your first aid session on Monday night for us all.  Honestly I felt it was the best first aid course I've been to - and I've been to many over the years.  You were practical, knowledgeable and I learned things that I had not learned before. 

Thank you so much!  I would love to run more courses here in the future.       

Thanks for two outstanding sessions - our teachers spoke very highly of you and your delivery and the relevance to our context.     

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the course you ran yesterday afternoon.  Even though I have history with St John, you made everything so easy to understand and retain.  Geoff was of the same opinion.

I thought you would appreciate knowing your course was fantastic and we all feel that much more confident in our own personal abilities.

Personally I thought today was great! It was very relevant and definitely made things clearer for us.       

The staff all thought it was great!    

We had a positive response to the training undertaken with staff.  They all enjoyed and found it to be practical for our situation.   

Thanks so much for coming to us - my staff have all commented on your session as being the most useful they have ever had - so thanks so much for making it easy and understandable for us.  

Thank you so much for running two extremely practical and worthwhile workshops for our staff. I had lots of feedback that this was the best First Aid course they have ever done. Well done.   

Many thanks for a really enjoyable First Aid course.  Lots of positive comments about the day from staff.  We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the way we were able to tailor the day to our needs.    Much appreciated :)   

I only had lovely positive comments about your course, everybody loved how informative it was and that it was so tailored to specifically what we deal with on a day to day basis at school.  Well done you. We will be back in touch with you in 2018 as we only do our refreshers every 2 years.

Thanks again Sarah you and your course were brilliant. 

Thank you again for our first aid staff meeting.  It was not only interesting and enjoyable but also of real benefit for the teachers.       

Entertaining as well as informative!

First Aid Awareness 

Just wanted to tell you I hung to Sarah’s every word and it was really good and informative, I have spoken to my colleagues here to attend, I think every company should do this, as I feel confident enough now to assist some one in the office or at home, if need be.

Amazing! Thank you for organising it, I thought it was a fantastic session! The whole presentation was really engaging, practical and easy to follow. The highlight for me was the demonstration at the end. I think I’ll be able to remember the ‘how to’ steps for a long time.

Thanks for organising this, Sarah was absolutely fantastic, I really appreciated that she has such extensive hands on experience but was able to empathise with what first aid experiences are like for your normal person and keep things really down to earth.

I thought it was extremely useful. Straight to the point, super informative and clear.

I found it very helpful and Sarah was great, very informative.

I think the session was really valuable – it was great to get a quick, realistic insight into what you need to do in certain situations as well as what you don’t need to know! I think it would be good to continue these sessions regularly for everyone.

Pitched at the right level – a good general overview and if undertaken at regular intervals (say once a year) it will stay in our minds.

Only positive feedback from me – I thought it was a really useful session and a good amount of information for the timeframe. This was great, thanks for organising.

I honestly didn’t even know how a defib worked… so feeling much better about it all now.

I thought the presenter was great. Engaging and at a level for her audience. I’m pleased she will be back to teach others.

I thought it was really excellent. Hit the mark perfectly. I thought it was brilliant. Informative, but not overkill, focussing on the key information that we need to do to make informed decisions. I have recommended it to the rest of my team.

I loved it! There were things that I had no idea about that I now know. Sarah did a great job, kept the content concise and I also appreciated her straight up stories because they definitely made the room go silent in terms of how serious things can get when you don’t act quickly! Thanks for organising it!

I think Sarah’s sessions are great (I went to her babies/children one last year too), super practical and easy to follow. Only feedback is that I think the course should be offered regularly (maybe annually?) as the more we hear the same message, the more we’re likely to remember it when it counts! You may be planning on offering them regularly anyway I thought it was great.

It was well led and she managed to pack all the essential info into just over an hour. I’d defo recommend that everyone attends!

I thought the session was excellent. It covered the key areas of first aid, was very practical and a great refresher.

I think Sarah pitches the session really well, and I would definitely go to these on a regular basis if they were offered.

That was such a great mini first aid course/refresher. Sarah was an excellent presenter, and despite being a super quick session it was very helpful. Thanks for organising.

I think it was great and pitched at the right level. Only suggestion is that we have these say once a year so everyone is reminded of what to do in an emergency. Thanks for organising.

Comments back today are that people really enjoyed it, and loved your delivery  😊


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