It's Asthma season!

It’s COLD!  The cold air really caught in my lungs this morning when I headed outside to the car to take the kids to school.  No one in our house has asthma, but if you have anyone at home with asthma make sure you’re keeping a close eye on things at this time of year.  It’s classic asthma weather right now.  Moving from a warm house to the cold outdoors  -  or just from a warm room to a cold room inside your house  -  is a really common trigger for a lot of asthmatics.

If your children have been diagnosed with Asthma, make sure you really understand what asthma is all about;  make sure you know exactly how to use the prescribed medications, and be certain that you understand at what point you need to phone an ambulance if an asthma attack gets out of hand.

Check out Asthma New Zealand’s website  https://asthma.org.nz/  There’s a wealth of helpful information here.  The Nurse Educators are amazing and can help with ascertaining your child’s specific asthma triggers, working out a management plan for your child’s asthma, and making sure that you really understand it all.  They even do home visits and you don’t need a referral from your doctor to access this help.  Do it this week!


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