FIRST AID AWARENESS - introduced due to popular demand...

...this is a super-quick guide to the absolute essentials of First Aid.  Particularly useful for anyone wanting to know how to use one of the many community defibrillators available to the public.

About the course:

Short and sweet, this very concise course is proving popular with businesses and community groups who want to equip ALL their staff with the absolute basics in First Aid, particularly those organisations which have access to an on-site defibrillator.  It can be run in a slightly extended lunch hour or as a staff meeting. It covers:

  • First Aid Priorities;
  • CPR (practice with manikins);
  • Use of a community defibrillator in a public setting;
  • Choke-rescue techniques;
  • Recognising when to phone an ambulance.

Everyone on the course receives a booklet which includes far more than is covered on the course.  The course is one to one and a half hours long.

How to Book:

“First Aid Awareness" courses run on demand.  If you are interested in this course:

Arrange a private course for a group of family, friends, colleagues, at your home or business. Cost is $420 + gst (travel surcharges may apply) for a group of up to 12 people. 

For larger groups there is an additional charge of $35 + gst per person over the original 12.  Maximum group size  -   ideally 20 people.

Arrange a private course for a group of up to 6 people, at our base in Papakura. $45 + gst per person.

Please contact us to discuss running this course as a fundraiser for your organisation, or if you would like to run it as a fundraiser for your chosen charity.


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