FIRST AID FOR BABYSITTERS - for teenagers looking after younger children.

About the course:

Because they are caring for someone else’s children in someone else’s environment, babysitters are faced with a host of different problems!

This course looks at:

  • The different safety issues with which babysitters have to contend;
  • CPR (practice with manikins);
  • Choke-rescue techniques (practice with manikins);
  • Dealing with other emergency situations such as burns, allergic reactions, poisonings, seizures, bangs on the head, broken bones, etc;
  • Getting help: phone the parents or phone an ambulance?

Everyone on the course receives a booklet, to complement the explanations and demonstrations on the course. Participants also receive a certificate. The course is two hours long.

How to book:

Please  register your interest  in this course and we will contact you once a date is confirmed.

Part One:  First Aid training for babysitters including child safety and accident prevention, CPR, choking, burns, broken bones, bumps on the head, dealing with asthma & allergies, knowing when to phone the parents or when to phone an ambulance. 

Part Two:  Practical advice for babysitting including ideas for play, information about child development, and how to communicate well with children and their parents. 

Alternatively, for just the first aid part,  arrange a private course  for a group of up to 6 teenagers at our base in Papakura. $55 incl gst per person.  


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