for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers

"If you've ever sat by your baby's cot at two in the morning wondering what you should be doing, this course is for you!"

About this baby first aid course:

This course is very child-specific and hands-on. It looks at:

  • Baby CPR and toddler CPR (practice with manikins);

  • How to help your choking baby (practice with manikins);

  • Child-specific illnesses (croup, febrile convulsions, meningitis, etc - how to recognise them and what to do about them);

  • Dealing with other emergency situations such as burns, allergic reactions, poisonings, bangs on the head, broken bones, etc;

  • Common childhood illnesses (fevers, coughs, colds, tummy bugs, etc);

  • How to recognise when you need to take your baby or toddler to the doctor;

  • Safety around the home;

  • Child car restraints.

Everyone on the course receives a booklet, to complement the explanations and demonstrations on the course. The course is two hours long. Babies are very welcome on courses!

How to book:

There are several different ways you can do this baby first aid course;  join a public course or arrange a private course, and either option can be in-person or via Zoom:

Join a public course:  Our baby first aid courses run on a regular basis, in-person at Meadowbank Plunket Rooms and in Epsom, as well as via Zoom.  (See below for dates and bookings for these public courses).  Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.
Arrange a private course for your coffee group / antenatal group / family group (maximum of 12 people) at your home if you're in the Auckland area. Cost is from $486 incl gst (travel surcharges may apply).  If you have interest from more than 12 there is an additional fee of $40 incl gst per extra person over the group of 12.  Parents, grandparents, babies, all welcome!  

Private baby first aid courses can also be run via Zoom - please get in touch.

Arrange a private course for you and your partner, or for a group of up to 6 people, at our base in Papakura. $65 incl gst per person. 

The perfect Baby Shower gift!

Gift a "First Aid for Littlies" course to your expectant friends.

It could be a place on a public course or you could gift them a private course.  Contact us to discuss options.

"This was the most useful present by far at our Baby Shower!"


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