Face to face courses, or live interactive via Zoom!

I hope you've all enjoyed a happy Christmas and a well-earned holiday.  

We're back to running scheduled public courses, so please check out the scheduled courses button below.  There are morning and evening courses in Epsom (I'll schedule more later on) plus the option for private courses either in your home or in Papakura.  And we'll be continuing with Zoom courses for anyone who would prefer this option, whether for COVID-19 reasons or simply because it's great not having to get out the door with a baby!  Or if you live in another part of the country this is also an option.

Here's some of the feedback from our recent Zoom courses:  "I thought the presentation via zoom was fantastic and a great option with a young baby."     "Zoom was great - even with a one year old it is sometimes impossible to leave the house, so much easier in the evening online!"       "Thank you so much for taking the course via Zoom ... we thought it was fantastic and we learned SO much!  Definitely feeling more prepared and confident becoming parents in this lockdown period."     "Being able to ask questions on zoom was great and your answers were very thorough."    "We definitely preferred Zoom to in person - no baby sitter or drama having to get out the door!"  

Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a private course whether via Zoom or face to face!

FIRST AID FOR LITTLIES - for parents and caregivers of babies and young children

About the course:

This course is very child-specific and hands-on. It looks at:
  • CPR (practice with manikins);
  • Choke-rescue techniques (practice with manikins);
  • Child-specific illnesses (croup, febrile convulsions, meningitis, etc - how to recognise them and what to do about them);
  • Dealing with other emergency situations such as burns, allergic reactions, poisonings, bangs on the head, broken bones, etc;
  • Common childhood illnesses (fevers, coughs, colds, tummy bugs, etc);
  • How to recognise when you need to take your baby or toddler to the doctor;
  • Safety around the home;
  • Child car restraints.
Everyone on the course receives a booklet, to complement the explanations and demonstrations on the course. The course is two hours long. Babies are very welcome on courses!

How to book:

There are several different ways you can do this course:

Arrange a private course for your coffee group / antenatal group / family group (maximum of 12 people), at your home. $408 incl gst (within the Auckland urban area).  If you have interest from more than 12 there is an additional fee of $34 incl gst per extra person over the group of 12.  Parents, grandparents, babies, all welcome!  This course can also be run via Zoom - please get in touch!

Arrange a private course for you and your partner, or for a group of up to 6 people, at our base in Papakura. $55 incl gst per person.  This course can also be run via Zoom!

Join a scheduled course. These run on a regular basis across Auckland. (See below for scheduled courses). Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.  Some of these courses will run via Zoom.

Please contact us to discuss running this course as a fundraiser for your organisation.


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