Family Kit Refill


$39 for a full Family Kit Refill.

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Sticking Plasters - for minor cuts and grazes.
3 packets of Gauze Swabs - for cleaning cuts and grazes, when soaked in saline or clean water. Also for drying the wound before applying a dressing. Cotton wool is not advisable as it tends to leave bits of fluff in the wound.
5 Sterile Wound Dressings - sterile dressings for larger cuts and grazes.
3 Combine Dressings - (1 large, 2 small) padded dressings for covering larger wounds. Useful with bandages as pressure dressings to stop bleeding.
1 Crepe Bandage - for bandaging bleeding wounds (as above); for bandaging sprained wrists, ankles, etc.
1 Triangular Bandage/ Sling (with safety pins) for elevating a sprained or broken wrist, broken fingers, etc. Elevation helps to reduce swelling and pain.
Scissors - for cutting dressings to required size.
Tape - for securing bandages and slings. Also for strapping broken or sprained fingers or toes.
4 x 10ml Saline Ampoules - for flushing sand or grit out of eyes. Also for cleaning minor wounds if clean water is not available.
5 Splinter Probes - single-use, hygienic probes for removal of splinters and prickles.
Gloves - to keep the First Aider safe from contamination from blood and other body fluids.
Leaflet - giving general guidance on First Aid.

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