Family Kit Refill


$38 for a full Family Kit Refill.

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Sticking Plasters - for minor cuts and grazes.
3 packets of Gauze Swabs - for cleaning cuts and grazes, when soaked in saline or clean water. Also for drying the wound before applying a dressing. Cotton wool is not advisable as it tends to leave bits of fluff in the wound.
5 Sterile Wound Dressings - sterile dressings for larger cuts and grazes.
3 Combine Dressings - (1 large, 2 small) padded dressings for covering larger wounds. Useful with bandages as pressure dressings to stop bleeding.
2 Crepe Bandages - (1 large, 1 small) for bandaging bleeding wounds (as above); for bandaging sprained wrists, ankles, etc.
1 Triangular Bandage/ Sling (with safety pins) for elevating a sprained or broken wrist, broken fingers, etc. Elevation helps to reduce swelling and pain.
Scissors - for cutting dressings to required size.
Tape - for securing bandages and slings. Also for strapping broken or sprained fingers or toes.
4 x 10ml Saline Ampoules - for flushing sand or grit out of eyes. Also for cleaning minor wounds if clean water is not available.
Instant Ice Pack - a single-use ice pack which you can activate by squeezing when you need to use it. Very useful in your car for when the frozen peas aren't available! Ice helps to reduce swelling on bruises, sprains, bee stings, etc.
5 Splinter Probes - single-use, hygienic probes for removal of splinters and prickles.
Gloves - to keep the First Aider safe from contamination from blood and other body fluids.
Leaflet - giving general guidance on First Aid.

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